ADPEN Laboratories is at the forefront of protecting our food supply by providing comprehensive food safety testing of functional foods, nutritional products, herbals, and beverages. We are committed to ensuring that your food and beverage products are in full compliance with current industry regulations and the level of quality and safety you demand as a manufacturer/supplier. ADPEN’s advanced analytical support includes routine quality control analysis, FDA/Customs detained imported food products analysis, and seafood species identification testing. We provide analysis of raw materials and finished products for adulterants and impurities, including veterinary drug residues, pesticide residues, chemical contaminants, microbials, and heavy metals.

ADPEN analyzes seafood, honey, royal jelly, milk products and other foods for chloramphenicol, nitrofurans metabolites and other antibiotics using LC-MS/MS. LC-MS/MS is the FDA required method of analysis. We can also provide sampling services and testing for FDA/Customs shipment release.

We can ensure the safety and quality of your raw materials and finished products by providing the best analytical service available, worldwide. ADPEN is a true independent laboratory offering 3 – 12 day turnaround* testing for most analyses. We are here to provide you full support for the safety of your products and the food supply.

Check our current safety bulletins on some of the various analyses we perform.


ADPEN uses quality standards and validated methods for all analyses. ADPEN uses USP guidelines (ICH), or AOAC or other guidelines if required by client, for the validation of methods. We use our own validated methods, AOAC, USP, Food Chemical Codex (FCC), INA and other official and/or validated methods.

ADPEN can also develop and validate methods for your own use. These methods are state-of-the-art and of world class quality. ADPEN published methods are available to our clients, while newly developed methods are proprietary and can be licensed to our clients. ADPEN can develop and validate methods for new finished products and raw materials.

Testing for Quality Control and Customs Clearance in the USA, Canada, Europe and South America. Certificate of Analysis are Provided for Every Lot Tested.

Analytical Services

  • Testing package for imported Chinese seafood in FDA detention
  • Analyses of antibiotics and other drugs in drinking water
  • Analyses of Poly Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) in seafood and other matrices
  • Analyses of Fluoroquinolones by LC-MS/MS in honey, seafood and animal tissues (1ppb or 5 ppb LOQ)
  • Analyses of Melamine by LC-MS/MS or GC-MS in milk products, feed, fish and other foods
  • Analyses of the four nitrofurans metabolites by LC-MS/MS method in foods
  • Analyses of chloramphenicol by Immunoassay and LC-MS/MS
  • Analyses of methyl testosterone in seafood by LC-MS/MS
  • Analyses of phenicols by LC-MS/MS in foods and animal tissues
  • Analyses of other antibiotics by LC-MS/MS
  • Analyses of pesticide residues in foods and beverages
  • Analyses of HMF in foods and beverages
  • Analyses of pesticide residues and antibiotics in honey
  • Analyses of food contaminants
  • Ethanol content in liquids and beverages
  • Analyses of acetylsalicylates and salicylates in beverages
  • Species identification testing

Turnaround Times

ADPEN provides analysis results at a faster rate*:

  • Critical Service (Less than 3 – 5 days)*
  • Rush Service (5 – 7 days )*
  • Normal Service (10 – 12 days).*
  • Credit card payment available, please inquire.

* Turnaround times in workdays. For routine analyses, times may vary depending on workload and method used. For non-routine analyses or research analyses that require instrument optimization or instrument lab or setup, approximately 10 to 15 working days. Multiple analyses may require additional time. Critical or Rush service requires special pricing and prior lab approval.


ADPEN Laboratories is at the leading edge of technology using only state-of-the-art instrumentation and automated systems:

GC and GC/MS (with headspace)
HPLC (UV, DAD, Fluorescence)
LC-MS/MS (Selexion)
ASE (Accelerated Solvent Extraction)
Microwave Extraction
Automated Liquid Handling


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