ADPEN Laboratories is the standard for quality and excellence and our knowledge and experience enable us to provide assistance to the ongoing operations of public water systems and water treatment facilities (municipal and industrial water treatment plants),  pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, manufacturing industries,  environmental agencies, government bodies,  public health departments, defense and aerospace, agriculture and food productionand real estate and construction firms.

EPA has set limits for “forever chemicals” in drinking water (4/10/2024). 

The Environmental Protection Agency has finalized the nation’s first drinking water standard for “forever chemicals (PFAS)” at a Limit of Quantitation of 4 ppt, a group of persistent human-made chemicals that can pose a health risk to people at even the smallest detectable levels of exposure.

The new rules would limit pollution from these per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS, which persist in the environment for centuries.  Exposure to PFAS has been linked to an increased risk of certain types of cancer, low birth weights, high cholesterol, and negative effects on the liver, thyroid and can compromise a person’s immune and cardiovascular systems. 

Analytical Services

ADPEN uses EPA 533, EPA 537.1 and EPA 1633 procedures to test for PFAS in drinking water, waste water, sediment, soil, tissue and other matrices.  Limit of Quantitation in drinking water and waste water is 4 ppt. ADPEN provides quality control testing, method development, validation and research analytical services in the following areas:

Drinking water
Waste water
Soil and sediment
Clinical research support
Product safety
Method Development
Method Validation
Process and cleaning validation
FIrefighting foams
Legal consultation
Agricultural product testing
Irrigation water

ADPEN is registered with the EPA and FDA (Registration No.: 1064435), ISO/IEC 17025:2017 certified laboratory and has a DEA permit (RA0270114) to handle controlled drugs of abuse.

ADPEN is your partner in quality control, research and method development and method validation. ADPEN is a true independent laboratory that you can trust. ADPEN has been providing analytical services for over 30 years, from the major multinational World Class companies to smaller independent start-up companies. Our services and capabilities range from complex analytical testing and methods development to product release testing, method validation, stability testing, quality control and compound identification.


We have a wide range of state-of-the-art instrumentation

Turnaround Times

ADPEN provides analysis results at a fast rate*.

  • Credit card payment available, please inquire.

Turnaround times in workdays depending of the testing (3-10 days). For routine analyses, times may vary depending on workload and method used. For non-routine analyses or research analyses that require instrument optimization or instrument lab or setup, approximately additional time may be required.  Multiple analyses may require additional time. Critical or Rush service requires special pricing and prior lab approval.



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